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issue 6: summer 2004
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Selections from Jenna Cardinale's Journals series have appeared in Milk Magazine , 6 x 6 and Octopus. New work will appear in PomPom. She lives in the Bronx, where she teaches poetry to the K-6 crowd.


C. S. Carrier's poems have appeared in Pleiades, Verse, Redactions, LIT, Castagraf, and Good Foot. He teaches creative writing at the University of Hartford and makes sandwiches as a Sandwich Artist at Subway.


Geneva Chao is a poet and translator and has work in A Very Small Dog, Boxkite, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Diagram, 5_trope, Aught, and Transfer. She teaches in San Francisco.


Alison Eastley's work has been published in Snow Monkey, Tryst, 42 Opus, Taint, The Adirondack Review and other fine journals.


Skip Fox has been writing since 1969. He has worked in factories (auto, ketchup in Ohio), mills (shake and shingle in Washington State), woods (Olympia National Forest), warehouses (San Francisco), mental institutions (Ohio), and universities (Ohio/Louisiana). He has been published in journals ranging from o.blek to Talisman and Hambone. His recent work appears in Pavement Saw, Prosodia, Exquisite Corpse, sendecki.com, and other journals. His books include Kabul Under Siege (Bloody Twin Press, 1991), Wallet (Bloody Twin Press, 1991), Fighting Kiwis (Oasis, 1999), and What OF (Poets & Poets, forthcoming). His work also appears in the anthology Another South, edited by Bill Lavender.


Vernon Frazer is the Creative Writing Editor of Tin Lustre Mobile and the author of eight books of poetry and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Miami Sun Post, Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Xstream, the Tin Lustre Mobile and many other literary magazines.


Anthony Hawley's poems have appeared in 3rd bed, 26, Denver Quarterly, Paris Review, New Republic, and more are forthcoming elsewhere. He is the author of two chapbooks of poetry, Vocative, from Phylum Press, and Afield, forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse.


"Poetics is about creating a mythology, which I have been doing for many years. I am rewriting my world's possibilities when I write poetry." Mary Kasimor's work has appeared in Moria, Gutcult, eratio, Nedge, Lungfull!, xtant2, Cross-Cultural Poetics, and Nerve Lantern, among others. She usually lives happily with her two dogs, her significant other, and her son.


Jukka-Pekka Kervinen lives and writes in Espoo, Finland. He is mainly interested in computer processing and manipulation of text and language. He has been published in Poethia, Moria, SHAMPOO, Aught, Word for Word, can we have our ball back, 5_Trope, Generator, Score,m.a.g, sleeping fish, BathHouse Magazine, Blackbox, Textbase .... His two e-chapbooks [#1-#46] (BlazeVox) and [div]versions (Poetic Inhalation) were released in 2004 and The Oracular Sonnets with Mark Young is forthcoming from Meritage Press later in 2004. He is editor of xStream and xPress(ed) and works also as a composer. Jukka is (together with Mark Young) co-founder of FAACOPS and he has a weblog nonlinear poetry.


Donna Kuhn has exhibited her fine art and crafts at The Santa Cruz Art League, The Mountain Arts Center, First and Second Annual Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival, Indies Art Cafe, The Mill Gallery, Santa Cruz Mask Festival, Walnut Avenue Womens Center and the Santa Cruz Office of County Education. Her art has been published in print and online magazines such as Exquisite Corpse, sidereality, Generator Press, The Digital Artist, Sendecki, xstream, Manifold Press, Poesy, Kung Fu, The Art Project, Thunder Sandwich, Ken Again, Churn, Poems Niedergnasse, Ten Thousand Monkeys, eratio, Global Collage and Tin Lustre Mobile. She is a mixed-media artist working in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, mask and doll making, jewelry, wearable art and altered books. Her experimental videos have been shown at The Mountain Arts Center, The New York Independent Film and Video Festival, Post Video Art, and The Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival in conjunction with Microcinema International. She lives in Aptos, CA and is also a dancer.


Carlos M. Luis is a retired Professor of Humanities and lives and works in Miami. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including Black Bok, Sleeping Fish, Zunai and Agulha (Brazil), TSE TSE (Argentina), Manglar (France), Gates of Paradise, Spidertangle the Book, and Lost & Found (USA). He recently published Walls for Finnegans @ Palimpsests for Beckett (Anabasis press) and Disfunctional Texts (Luna Bisonte Press).


Camille Martin is a poet and translator who lives in New Orleans. Her collections of poetry include sesame kiosk (Potes & Poets Press, 2002), rogue embryo (Lavender Ink, 1999), magnus loop (Chax Press, 1999), and Plastic Heaven (Fell Swoop, 1996). She recently completed a new collection, codes of public sleep. Her work is included in the anthology Another South: Experimental Writing in the South (University of Alabama Press, 2002). Martin founded and co-curates the Lit City Poetry Reading Series in New Orleans. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of New Orleans and recently completed a Ph.D. in English at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.


Andrew Nightingale's work has previously been published in a number of UK small press magazines such as Orbis, Manifold, and Staple, as well as in ezines such as Stride, Alterran Poetry Assemblage and Sidereality. A selection of links to his work is available at http://www.hermegasmica.org.uk/default.php


Juliet Patterson's poems have recently appeared, or are forthcoming, in ache, Conduit, Diagram, Poetry Miscellany, WaterStone & Verse.


More of Christian Peet's work (including other selections from The Notebooks of Ernesto Blanco) appears, or is forthcoming, in Fence, Spinning Jenny, Cranky, Snow Monkey, Fourteen Hills, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Shampoo Poetry, elimae, can we have our ball back? and elsewhere. He teaches at Brooklyn College, CUNY, and edits Tarpaulin Sky.


Ken Rumble is the director of the Desert City Poetry Series in North Carolina and list administrator of the the Lucifer Poetics Group. The Key Bridge manuscript was a finalist for Verse Press's 2004 Verse Book Prize and a semi-finalist for the 2004 Slope Editions Book Prize. His poems and reviews have been published in Shampoo, Drunken Boat, Carolina Quarterly, Moria, VeRT, Cross Connect, and others. He collects books of poetry by Leonard Nimoy.


Brandon Shimoda has lived and worked recently in Brooklyn, southern Mexico, upstate New York and Woodfin, North Carolina. Written work has appeared or will appear soon in New Orleans Review, Spinning Jenny, Crab Creek Review, sidereality, and elsewhere. He is currently at work on various land- and water-based projects, as well as an ongoing poetic collaboration with Phil Cordelli, sketches of which are available at thepines.blogspot.com.


James Shivers is the Poetry editor for the international online literary magazine, Szirine. His critical and creative work has appeared in Oxford Poetry Review, Washington Review, Artkrush, American Book Review, and Cahier (Holland). His work has also appeared on All Things Considered, and been featured on BBC radio and NPR. He has written the first critical study of the American poet Charles Bernstein, Poets as Inventors: Charles Bernstein and the Possibilities of American Poetry , and his first novel, J4 is currently under submission.


Thomas Lowe Taylor lives, writes, photographs, edits, and paints houses on the Long Beach Peninsula, in SW Washington State. His Prose Elements (240 pp. illus., $25 ppd) is just out from anabasis.xtant Books, 1512 Mountainside Ct., Charlottesville VA 22903. Also just released from the same venue is his Homages of Eagle (900 pp., 2 vol., $100 ppd).


Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino's poetry has appeared in Barrow Street, The Germ, jubilat, Washington Review, Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics and online at BlazeVOX, can we have our ball back?, GutCult, hutt, In Posse Review, and Rattapallax--FuseBox. He lives in New York City where he edits the online journal eratio postmodern poetry.


Steven Timm's work has appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Salt Hill, Moria, Bird Dog, and Xstream. He teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.


Mark Young is a New Zealander who lived in Sydney, Australia for many years but who, four months ago, succumbed to the lure of the Tropic of Capricorn & moved north to Rockhampton. He has published reasonably widely in both countries during the sixties & first half of the seventies but then drifted into twenty-five years of silence & has only started writing poetry again in the last few years. His most recent work has appeared / is to appear in Moria, brief, Trout, can we have our ball back?, sidereality, Jack, SpaceBreather, xStream & Tin Lustre Mobile.



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