WORD/ FOR WORD: Volume One

Dan Beachy-Quick


Stone / Semi-Chorus / Stone

the whorled was mazed
pine siskin on pine cone
child at lake edge
flat water float stone




my heart what arrow
struck struck feather first
whole horizon sharp or just
the blade edge last





earth) in me loam on loan
my ear small in it
my eye small in it
when lake deafens when lake knows




hadn't you bit hadn't you tongue
nerve wobbles if star is spun
is spanned a child in orbit
of lake edge empties his hands





   the world was made for my sake




   I am but dust and bone

world and thumb in echo
in orbit in inkpot
how long harmony worlds
us too warbles a nerve




a song in migration
warbler mouths the whorled
tree less empty the sun
ends on the lip (of no nest





lash bone to lonely blood
some deaf thumb inks
the star in dust and ashes we
swallow nuthatch whitebreast and gull




think gall spare vowel a
child skips stone after stone
water warbles lake lake calms earth
earth borrows him and earth knows


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