WORD/ FOR WORD: Volume One

Martin Corless-Smith


Thought always seem to us
now division appears
neither can make choice
acknowledge it
conceive this mother
cradle her bed
I have something
into the world

we have divided all
toward death that future (strife)
Where nature (doth challenge)
our words dearer than liberty
A love makes breath poor speech
forests we make
to issue this perpetual
I am made In my true heart
I find names that I profess
more ponderous than my tongue
What can you say-
drain nothing. Speak again
I cannot
My heart into my mouth
your majesty my bond
we exist and cease to be
I disclaim care as a stranger
to my heart and me

Hold this for ever
and thought rest drawn
from the region of my heart
that shall dread to speak
those low sounds. My life
I never held back the banished
trunk found in our dominion
And your large speeches of words
bid a new country
address this substance
I know no answer.  Take or leave me
I strayto match your best object
a thing so monstrous to believe
and art that you make
stands here. You call (to a better place)
and sound the imperfections (of the years)
unconstant like this surrender
we must do something.

(Upon our moment is death
thus to wilt and banish is
to spring from words
to speak and not intend
I speak that you make
lost me in your nature
history mingled with regards
the entire point is that portion
which yourself
And here I take
by the hand Nothing! I have lost you
art being the most forsaken and most loved
here I seize upon it
cast away here
a better where
with eyes I know what you are
And like I stood within a place--your study
content that you wanted
certain with you. full of changes
the observations we have made of it always
now cast off. time to receive what years bring with them
this banishment is leave-taking between you
we must do something)

a letter, art bound in the custom
my mind generous, my shape (in) the composition.
Fine word. this letter And my invention thrive.
I grow Now
Putting up the letter so earnestly
to put up that letter. I know no news
I fit your looking. this essay reads the world
time keeps. I begin to find an idle bond hath power
that I may speak I wake you and live
a hand to write this--not in the contents
never heretofore sounded Never mistaking
a great gap in your own life to feel my affection
I will place you where you shall hear
and have your satisfaction. Heaven and Earth!
seek me I pray you, frame after your own wisdom
I would unstate myself
presently fall off, divide
the bond twixt this of mine and us
disquietly to our graves
lose nothing; do it carefully
This is the excellent world
our own behaviour
we make our disasters
(the sun, the moon, the stars)
I am thinking I read this
what should follow?
Do you busy yourself about that?
I promise you he writes
between the child and the parent
breaches I know not what
You with him
Parted in good terms
by word wherein you may have
presence of his person lodging will
you hear my loud speak
abroad so far from lands
All meet that can
Did my every hour flash into one or other
this night grow on every return
I will not speak with him. Say I am
If you come I'll answer
Whose mind still gives away
Remember what I tell you that I may speak
I'll write to hold my

likeness. Horns within EARS
not art that will converse
art as poor as a subject
in countenance I would master authority
I can keep a tale in telling it
is Old art young-for singing
for years will not part the worlds
called answered in the roundest manner
mistaken of my own conception
I call fool
one part against his self
learn more then less
leave and keep
this is nothing
to land by the sweet here
golden like a year grown full of songs
singing then for sudden joy
did learn to lie for peace
now art an O without will
my tongue bides me say nothing
only this fool hourly breaking forth
rank and red
to have spoke and done
the candle transforms you
this ear speak thus
who is it that can tell me who I am?
ear's shadow, by the mark of your name
shame itself doth speak
Your train, my train-particulars
in the most exact regard of their name
from my heart to the ear
Beat at this ignorant you Hear Hear
To have less now we never know the cause
Eyes cause the waters (hear this)
that resume the shape thou dost think
Cast off forever partial content
on every dream I will may fear
Safer than the heart uttered
I have writ my hundred letters
and such reasons of your own
I cannot tell.

with these letters with any letter
I will have delivered your letter
If a man's brain were like houses
(I can tell what I can tell)
his head will a sweet heaven

meeting you I have been with this night
that heard news whispered
wars toward a word
tonight better weaves a queasy question
I act a word! Descend where you bid
with nothing said you quit
Yield? come before my light
drawn on opinion, conjuring the moon
the revenging gods with a bond
stood in fell motion
alarumed by the noise I made
The noble arch which finds the stake
And found speech. Make words
my very character turn to thy suggestion
plot of the world-death pregnant and fast'ned
his letter. I know not why
his picture I will send far and near
strange news was companion with death
I have been well at my house
I'll not be there. Make your own purpose
You shall be ours.
Night occasions some answer from our home.
Lay and bestow your use.

Art of this house--I would make for me
glass inheriting a way-and art nothing
but the composition-and the heir you.
I'll make you Draw with letter the matter
Speak in breath my marvel. Art makes a man
daub the walls Bring oil to affirm nought
my occupation stands before me at this instant
nature cannot flatter. master misconstruction
We'll teach you to learn-the messenger restrained
Should answer all the world-rubbed-stopped
watched-the common out of heaven's benediction come.
To the warm sun this letter!
my obscured come shall find this enormous state
not to behold this turn.

I heard myself proclaim no place
Whole I may attend the country
with voices

depart from home
and send back the night
here my messenger delivered letters
(they read) whose contents follow their answer
And meeting the other messenger of late
drew the house with rags. the key
swells up toward my heart!
But I will fly to speak all night
the images flying off
fixed in death. My state should sit here
speak with their chamber-door
my heart rising down--I think
Nature stands but becomes the house
my bed and food half stored on her top
Her eyes cut off my train
my conclusion against my coming in
who put my letter here
a slave who dwells out from my sight
send down my Art by the hand
I choose the air to be a comrade
If we could control them, you-What
must I command?
nature needs man's life as art nature
keeps heavens here-gods
as full of grief as age. the world
shall do such things I know not;
earth weep, storm and tempest
this house; the old man put from rest
And needs his particular follower
followed, returned whither he is going
He calls to give away--by no means to stay
the night comes on-shut up your doors
his ear shut up-night out of storm.

I thought the King
it always seem so
but now, in the division
I have to acknowledge him
the world was sent for
I must know you better
The King is coming
Enter on Ear


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