WORD/ FOR WORD: Volume One

Christopher Mulrooney


it is unlawful says Hypnos
to conjure a man and riddle him

the sequestered mark
this we have from Poe

the glad hand of morning
pockets ducats in the evening

Our Lady of Good Counsel
Young Adult masses are to mass
what Young Adult literature is to literature

here are the disputers
Where The Action Is
is where we go

yes but haven't we forgotten something?

we would not cast our pearls before swine
but by degrees the Gadarene
leaving the solid kernel

we have hidden our lights then
for a propitious moment
down comes the citadel
ringed by shouting still
let's all take a look at our pots
lest the oil in our ollas be
all dried up and blown away

we would have them save their money
for the ripe understanding
not come home like swine of another stripe

Jesus Saves but Moses Invests
(the Buddha gives Green Stamps)?

put your money in the bank at least
Our Savior said that it may be increased

it is all a weariness
the afterglow of Empire
and the Berber at the gate
seeking a tonsorial parlor

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