WORD/ FOR WORD: Volume One

Kerri Sonnenberg


from "Low Circulation Report"






concerning,    the      even
plate is this  as    evidence
of   mantle,   convergent--
the   word    against   you,
equipment        of         no
medicinal      --       begin,
anything   that   is  held  to
have   break,    as   winter
overgoverned,          color
in  the  ventricle,   half-late








another    notice    wasn't
real,  is  neither  round  to
want  nor -- an  appraisal
by  whirlwind,  at   all  my
opinion        was         this
which means sin -- to hide
attributed     to,     hunting,
unrestrained,     for      the
horns  --  the     remaining
matters  raised,   there are
only      two,    sling    and







in        California,       for
example,   subduction  --
the alibi between reveals,
the spell  she   is under, a
carbon       finding       of
daughters, the voice of --
bird, assured a  fair thorn
--  of  the quakes, occur,
we,        unsettled,      the
absorption     line   of    a
sounding                      --







icon and  sulfur confess
belief,  allergen --  your
attention and   using the
word,    although    thin,
contend  it was likely to
recur --  tribes  are  set
aside  as closed, to  this
day, a stagger -- the fall
in    sighting    produces
a form  against example







new  holdings  desert  my
own pose, tarot, takes up
detection   --    as   violet
performs the  basis of the
body,   the   turn  of   you
with   gentle   capture   --
explain  why  --   light,   a
species  of  excavation  --
response,             another



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