Marco Giovenale
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the object is presumed to be authentic. it swims towards itself. at
the end it replaces itself, too.

the kitchen is in the anne. collect corpses. both useful / dumb.

ly’s items use to dress in white. mine in black. we merrily weave –
black wires around a flat stone. cells talk to the ground say stay.
they usually get involved into

places are near. if not, they will. pangea and so on. all those things
in geology at last / least.

in 1002 a chronicle by anonymous mentioned his grandparents'
manor. he appreciated that, nobody to thank.

a primal number is worth of faith. chairs and poems. a couple of
phrases would sadly get married.

salt lies in seas alone. radiant alpha. three-lines two-lines linen
phrases spring out from walls. horizontal negative wells, in which
syllables suspend red neon: they

suspect there must be a false flag, some kind of loss, at a distance,
past the landscape. maybe the "you are here" point.

but: joyce knew how people merrily talked. don't even know how
mere vowels' sounds sound. b-beams cleave the floor.

the old unopened vessels full with varnishes got broken, acid oils
nearly burnt his hands.

she took a photo where things seemed near to lose their names.
this is named the nameless effect.

he began painting out all of this. the brushes did reluctantly agree.
the dirt on canvas did the rest.

samuel's democritus appeared to mrs. porter 5:30 a.m. she was
sleepy but conscious, quite proud. he spoke unintelligible words, if

kirck and chlorinne say to paint is transferring unexpressed sexual
energies in colors while fucking.

three-lines phrases deal with freud, somehow. nevertheless, the
new earthquake erased the human kind. why not.

no, she wisely said, sitting ans sipping a coke, you. you always find
someone here and sell him your used guns.

he realized his relatives were far. docks. or. they were something
like a fading coast. they wrote to him: you cannot write of us.

the mechanic sea. it is dim, it doesn't work. despite of all names /
more phrases / more names / ...

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