Marthe Reed
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a ring of water and ice
resounds, a curve
moving at a constant distance
a set of curves

wave       motion
a wrapping of
a rapt pool

          a current
bending light and air
a constant of wire

repeatedly traversed
a wrapped
pool orbits
a round body (body

                a wave
rapt or bending, a current of
water and ice
a curve

an abelian group
a gathering of water
frozen pool, a wave
bends light

this orb or
saturn’s rings (en-
circled planet

traversed along a constant
of desire and air

wrapped orbit
gathering            sound
an ellipse
illusion, a separate traverse

glancing refraction
a dance
of light

          gathers along its
a curve sounding
water against motion

pool of silver
at a constant distance
memory of
water gathers at the perimeter

an ellipse wraps itself
reflection bent toward
a curving pool no

dream, an abelian group
ellipsoid planet
moving at a constant

toroidal shape
alludes us
wire a wave

a means of restraint
          resonates dream


steel parchment (pendent)


bronze helix and copper
a line intersects it

parchment a scroll
slope of the line declines

a single plane
a tablet and hidden
a text (scroll

and subtext
silver suspends it
petalled silver

             volute an
ornament consists of a curve

an ornament
        winds about a center
a tablet and silver

tend to a line
steel scrolls at an increasing

               a line
the slope of a line
a curve ending in a helix

red and gold metal
erupt in                       coils and
     spirals decay into

suspended a tablet
intersects it

          helix and copper line
an ornament

an ornament consists of
     from the center
a single plane gratifies it
winds about the center
a wedge and no other

a whorl of petalled silver
a tablet and silver
a tablet and red metal

a tablet and bronze
spit and polish is better than none
a cord

a line suspends it
a line in steel
parchment at increasing distance

there is none and better
delight than this :: volute




copper parallels silver, a bright silence moving against parallel, pair but not, one, a bent

hook depends and offers advice, am I not beautiful, in the mirror a brightness bending

even silence, of brown patinas and a neglect of green, green neglects a triumph of silver,

so much for advice or parallels, am I not in the mirror one, a bent silver, one, a silence

moving over silver

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