Jared Schickling
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from "the canal"



today, to will
to stillness, there'll be no
edges, they'll revolve around. we've been eating
coffee and aspirin for breakfast
Plastican. she creams hers. the fly is on its back
twitching with death to be sure and I am
simply in no position. there's still two more
flies in the room. conciliatory are we
merciful, must life with a shower curtain
being not just a shower curtain. belonging
is labeled on the side
of an empty milk crate, good for carrying
especially those of Signature, things
an easier of what choices. for reason. time
not as soft as we'd like it to be
we think today, distances gauged
distances from me. how edges gravitee

corners, and the flies have gone. no position
will today simply and
tomorrow I'm reading the cats “Female Orgasm
as Proof of God” for all
its evolutionary principle. cats, in faith.




o newspaper, street sleeper
out and out goes up up up
windows, closer in terms
how dawn halves the city
and only sidewalks needed

electricity, eyes and eyes and eyes
dream, pigment, like coral
lighted grid—gray enough

street side
walks needed
some planks of wood
and we shed a breezy pier
picnic grass the song of feet
from New York out to river

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