Terence Winch
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Code Violations


In the current economy the cell phone rang

and we drew a circle around the beautiful calculations.

You smell fantastic, she said, like cinnamon fruit.

You are a cup of coffee with an exclamation point.

I call them over and over, but the police won’t come.

I feel my use of Oklahoma is perfectly justified.

You pick it up, saw it off, smash it, drag it away

yet the cycle guarantees damnation downtown.

If this be dawn on a narrow street with no sky,

the invisible cloud indignantly declare its otherness.


It Is Not Clear Whether


Dancing at the crossroads in May to the fiddle

Staring into his guest’s transcendental eyes

Chatting with his notorious American buddy

Lying on the paint-splattered floor of white ash

Then came the downfall, breakup, surrender

There were reflections on the significance of action

There was nothing she wanted more than erotic familiarity

They tell each other all the boxes are finally empty

Some attempts have been made to explain the secret

intimacy at an hour when most old men would be in bed

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