Marcia Arrieta
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a broken compass


between the inbetween. watch out for snakes. in a season of sun. in a season of
wildflowers. threads & tasks. i must remember not to delete myself.

open the windows. a slight breeze.
have you organized your life yet?

desire & birthdays.
traffic. steps out of corners.

the postscripts are in the trees.
i have stopped collecting shells.

once i had a conversation about prime numbers & rules & still remained confused.
tunnels & light. darkness. do not think so much.

herons always seem to appear when i least expect them.
i wonder if they eat snakes.

rilke speaks to me of solitude & to be aware. but not too aware.
“simply let it happen”

there is a blue boat with a yellow sail.
the mystery of souls & love. shall we forgive our parents?

a brown spider scurries across the desk
& then disappears. the fan blows hot air.

i think i shall reread
a room of one's own.

if you are looking for answers
swim in the turtle's bowl.


the design & the dream


between the lizard trapped in the cabin & the turtle staring into his reflection in a bowl.
between the uncapitalization of letters & the avant-garde. shall i assume an identity or hide?

i am weary of the words, the language, the mathematicians, artists, scientists who pretend
to be real while the earth is slowly/rapidly being destroyed. i am not real.

unbroken. most fragile. an invisible thread. the night sky. a moon. quiet.
the secrets. the truths. the mystery. incomprehensible.
the field of birds & leaves. the island in the distance.

are we traveling to the island or away from the island?

in the name of redemption in the name of understanding. hoping for our voices to be
heard/revealed. in the dichotomy of a dictionary or sacred book. oaks & pines.
time/space. communication/noncommunication.

so we turn to art. poetry. hear the gardener tending the land. we must save the earth.

i search. i plant seeds. i water the children. navigation in circles of equal altitude.
in storm. observation. line of position. quandaries. imaginings. practical points.
stars & planets. tomorrow perhaps we will speak & understand our identities.
embark on a pilgrimage. stop the war.

there is a vast field of sunflowers. there is the blue sky of arles.

i sip green tea. i arrange wildflowers. i dream peace.
cloud formation—angeldragonbird. spiral in the sea.