Matina L. Stamatakis
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120 Days of Fuzzy Logic (for Pasolini)


True: Bubbles work perfectly but interface

I don’t chance them as a shape egg

to chip away a clutter: image: ovoid placement

lacking yolk

lacking lesson sadly (clash)

False: how warm and luscious imperfection is

as in phosphor ray tube

as in puzzle: DNA: pixels in auto-red

if from watching movies we could reencounter

that high of ambiguity

without freaking out



[hybrid this object with Friulian language]


Com-Post<e> Fix<e>


She chased me from the poppies

a woman discovers gravity, celestial<e>
            plan<e>s, vestal virgins
in hip pockets--so she says with<e> volition:

make rickshaw from bon<e>
see all pliant things fold<e>
metamorphos<e> into palm

we talk of missing home, honey-locust thorns ,
bellies chafe wild<e> flowers, make their marks
on forehead’s slick (and even slicker wet pebbles)

imagine goose bumps when I heard she was
a galaxy uncharted, a space between thumb<e>s,
knuckles--and I press<e>d her for worth

watched her butterfly over the skies of Cyprus--

look<e> down

I must have compress<e>d universe
in these fingers.