Brian Whitener
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from The Natural World


This book is composed of two arcs. Both are launched from the surface of the Earth. The first does not escape gravity and ends abruptly. The second, however, does, and its series of instantiations continues off, past the sun, into infinity. Of the second arc only an excerpt is given in this version.

That is to say, the relation is multiple and a desert.

for Andrew Joron





a muscle perfect flowers an equivalent either all the furs or physical and nonliving or all





dust outside orange poppy your best best friend if I move my finger through a candle flame but upward


perhaps so few drink


at my fountain gunshot





sometimes he eyed me curiously a concise work (of course) the second largest living nothing


but the last sun







variant romeo supposedly reveals language


desire covering against faux fullness a tremendous rate of herself


genealogy, I accept it