Sue Carnahan
Stained Glass Beach Seen


Blue glass representing light sent back from particles in waves

One can see through what the window is aimed at

A shore
A figure in copper wears a sparkly beach dress over fair skin

(she pushes at or holds up the embankment)

Fine sand: solder
Trees in red glass take shape
House or changing hut

The abstract as explanation of rain in threaded streams on a tilted surface as per prediction

Whether we think we have swum here before

From the Introduction: “a veritable ocean of gratitude, outpourings, etc.”

(she stalks off)
Perdition: the tide about to turn




Life, Etc., Science


“You don’t need to know things”

wrote the principal investigator

referencing the disciplines

microbiology and crystalline geology.


Things are in flux.

We are

            —accretion and erosion

responsible for nearly all that one sees. Lunch

equations teeter and take on ballast, dump some over

to recreate the terraced landscapes we associate with geothermal springs, falls.

Rainfall amounts up.


Experiment one            (pictures were taken)

They made a model.

It matched up well with reality

like: a duck and a bus. Thus, in terms of success, a modicum.

But, it was cautioned, “more work needs to be done.”

Life in concert with death, for example, rates of deposition tied to rates of withdrawal.

How this is likewise a dance

            you might entertain proposals of

                      at the next coincidence.

            Here, have a smoke and mirror.

“O, I don’t really know”

                       heard on all sides.


Experiment two            (the several models hypothesis)

One, says Jenny (hurricane), will hit here X on the dot

with force equivalent to blank megatons and excess.       Or not.

Another, clinging to the idea its offshore platform was built

from molecules (scratch),

blueprints atomic weaknesses nicely.

Thirdly, I should like to talk about butterflies, shell games, aleatorics.

                       “Let’s just enjoy”


Experiment three

in which small streams are braided and run like rainways coursing a window pane,

                                                            where it is asked: What’s,

if anything, the angle, flow, viscosity needed to set up continuous offset (skew).

Everyone plots a solution and courses a mile with it in their shoes,

satisfied withal,

the parameters chosen according to the authors.

Do this do that. Grabbing, in the case of thus, one’s hat.