Emily Kendal Frey
In Heaven There Is No Heat


Dear Jalapeno,
Dear Fire Hydrant,
Dear Lime,
Dear Friend at the Bar,
Dear Glove—
Meet me on the corner
under the buds and seagulls.
Take me around the rotary
to the package store.
Dear Frame,
Dear Pocket,
Dear Harrumph—
Ride with me to the rocky
promontory. Put your lips
on this, Dear Above.
Dear Untied Beggar,
blooming like a faint
pulse. Dear Skyscraper.
Touch me, make me,
peal this once.


You Broke My Heart


Dear Jalapeno,
Dear Early Bird,
Dear Busted Seam,
Dear Anemone,
Dear Gawk—
There’s refuse at the end
of the train tracks.
Two new bakeries
are advertising cupcakes.
I missed brunch.
When I move to another city
where will I be?
Dear Yard Sale,
Dear Citizen’s Bank,
Dear Eggplant,
Dear Gums—
I’m doing you a favor.
I’m organized against
the flagpole.
I’m wearing last year’s
Dear Larvae,
Dear Lemon,
Dear Steps Leading Up,
Dear Crown,
Dear Signifier,
Dear Noun—
I’m leaving this town.




Dear Jalapeno,
Dear Organ,
Dear Exaggerated Limp,
Dear Preview—
When I arrived I knew
I was nowhere.
I flew like a bluebottle.
Your bolo tie
collection makes this
irrelevant. Dear Heart
Murmur, Dear Excavation,
Dear Penultimate—
There’s a strip of shade
across the street.
A bird, landing
of her own volition.
Dear Zipper,
Dear Basket Maker,
Dear Croissant,
Dear Hesitance—
Our future is a hole
punch. When you grabbed
for my ankle
you got a featherless
pigeon. Dear Virus—
Welcome to the future.


Garden Rose


Dear Jalapeno,
Dear Well Bottom,
Dear Albatross,
Dear Badge,
Dear High Notes—
I went down inside
and found its texture.
You put your fingers
in the divots and
shifted it. In the
aftermath we took
our ablutions. Dear Heap,
Dear Hangar,
Dear Sapphire,
Dear Gurney—
This is history.
This is a hero
sans journey.
Dear Valley.
Sauté an onion
in butter, add a dash
of sugar. Back it up
on your hardest
drive. Don’t smash it.
It’s alive.