James Sanders





Metaglee Directions


This is a “zone” poem (as opposed to a “man-to-man” poem), i.e., the words are there to be marked loosely. As a performer, you should follow the lines from word/phrase to word phrase, but you may say any word/phrase (or make any sound) in the relational zone of that word (synonym, antonym, homonym, mnemonic, or other association). You may say the word itself if you choose.

The items in brackets are directions internal to the piece. You may do them or ignore them.

You should start in one of the two sections separated by the dotted line. The dotted line represents a caesura: you should not go to the other portion of the text until after the caesura you take. The caesura should be a period of time long enough for you to have cooled off from the performance. You may do something else during the caesura (it is encouraged). After the caesura, you may pass through the dotted line and perform both parts on the page.

This is a poem intended for two performers.

"Metaglee" was performed by James Sanders and John Lowther to a smattering of polite applause at the Decatur Book Festival on Sept 1, 2007.