Allison Carter

From In Your Spare Time



Spare time 1

In my spare time I knit, I like to read a lot, I play on a computer in my spare time on my own, all of this stuff, depending on where you are standing, the neighbor's child asking a question, “since birds came before cows, did they cause cows,” I am stunned, also I have morbid/oracle thoughts, and in my spare time, in another hall, siamesedly, I am a girl's own head, and, rotating a breakdown of the head, also the human head, rotating a very loose ball socket so not whatever, stick, so ideas for more rewarding spare time, take up a new sport, learn a new skill, help others in the community, read a lot,




Fill Your Spare Time With Money

I invite 3 to the park, tell him we can buy lunch at the grocery store, drink a bottle of champagne, promise that we will do a lot of work there, watching others people's dogs either come, or not come, when they call them,




Near The Bed

In how many directions can the eyes lock in, no light in the room, all is inward, still compacting wheels into a socket, “Get out of there,” the neighbor yelling, “Get out,” and the light in the moon has escaped inwards from the surface, it is thumping with the backside of such nuclear stuff,




To Slack Off

In any compartment, when dreams are specious roamers, What is pegged, Has the sky gone slack, Is it laying a nail, can't tell, too boxed, too occupied by pattern, to tell, Has the stellar spacing gone lax, Has it passed into flab, from the inside, no blaze, no current, how extensive a ventricle for a loose pump, any move to slack off the cabinets, the boxes, the tension structures, In the whole block nobody vents,





Cogency, emission of light or luminous substances, jocularity, noisy love, a romantic affair, noisy fierce emission of luminous affection, feeling like somebody who is loved, romantically, loving pluots, buying two pluots, making a point of buying two of everything, one for husband, one for you, reserving private basement space in your enflamed cardiac mansion for the absent third pluot,




Unracking at Night

Out the window, a sole feral cat, only seldom, only fine, mewing over in a black patio, my husband's eyes, silted, I cannot wake him, as if to say, pre-dawn omens seldom time a feral precum, also, suggestions on how to unrack in a tight spot, so I will not wake him, this feeling, it's only fine, a Theremin in the shoulder, a coil in the tank unbeds, I can't slip out,