Aby Kaupang



ease & grace       god is
in us       & in us
all       all around us       god
chancing the       arrivals       god’s/ours
o carriers       these in one
my singing god      so waitingly
hemming at blankets of water’s
song       & my singing       o firebath

little wave of ease
& grace      love is
in us       & goodly
all godly around us
this chance of arrivals
o caritas      four in one
my singing good Lovely
so gently
hewn by anchors & water
& fire       my singing       a fire
a timbre in the heart of thee



ease & grace yous is
in me      & in me
complexly like anchors      blazes
arriving in watery scene
ships/hours o certainly
ours is a singing
of chancery      say equitas/embarazado
invitations hemmed on anchors
cry firebath of thee      cry
smolder me in grace

ease & grace      love is
in us      & in us
all      all roughly us      love
chanced      our arrivals
anchored hours
our little jars of heaven      granted
these in one hearth
o waitingly      done
my singing healer
this hymn for you
my blanket-fire-water-anchor
grace & ease to you
my song      & my singing
my god
                    what will thee



the bloom of my mouth


is an alter-

ing thrive      an unseasonable watery
casket of flowers      is a tender
of the brightliest
thing      shadowed in scent

blue eye      in the rafters
heaven      is reticent
bloom tisket      floor flower
book cutter      ring singing

                                        the morning
folded in hedges      collapsed into cranes

and viewed the room speculatively