Marcia Arrieta

a pencil on a white page

contradictions.  moonlight.  darkness.

a void.  a mountain.  a flower.

closer to wild.  inhibited.  a white cloud.

constant.  inconsistent.  i brought you gifts.

branches.  ideals.  the river & sculpture.

we slept in tents across the wilderness.

we slept in poems & philosophy.

beyond the green board.  beyond fractions & identities.

the howl is in the groceries.  the howl is in the paper bag.

i do not speak to you.  i walk in trees.

advance.  retreat.  giant steps.  baby steps.  no steps.

the streets of paris.  the farms of spain.

don’t worry.  listen to mozart.  read sophocles.

how many ways do you see? 

transcend compliance.  there is no form.



[second law of thermodynamics——

is the entropic pull
toward disorder

creation & recreation
struggle against that pull]   myth


abscissa(1694)——the horizontal coordinate of a point in a plane;
                cartesian coordinate system obtained by measuring
                parallel to the x-axis—compare ORDINATE


apogee——the farthest or highest point:
the point farthest
from a planet or a satellite(as the moon)
reached by an object orbiting it


archimedes’ screw(1864)——a device made of a tube bent spirally around
                        an axis of a broad threaded screw
                        encased by a cylinder & used to raise water


arrow——to indicate direction


aspergillum——a brush or small perforated container with a handle
            that is used for sprinkling holy water


words:  configure/unconfigure to an unknown identity where there is possibility beyond the ordinary arranging of closets, cupboards, & garages.  do not forget desks.  trying to make everything fit.  trying to organize.  trying to contain.  trying to define.  trying to
relate.  trying to undefine.




encounter/ invisible

savage.  beautiful.  tragic.  the ghosts within our heads.   in & out
of doors.  hidden.  repressed.  rage.  allure.  the bottles.  the keys. 
the smoke.  black & white.  colors.  seconds.  risks.  perfection. chaos. 
harmless.  excessive.  direct.  spiral.  tenuous.  unbound.  to transcend.
to express.  shadows.   light.  dreams.  theories.  mysteries.  paradoxes.
luminous.  unconscious.  possibility.