Julius Kalamarz

Autumnal Campsites Break Everyone Easy

forested lees—     drumming seated keepsakes
          [Depth] dolly and the
Catholic faucet-ed breeze | tiered cantilevered ilk
felled our solace-carpeted spiels: that birds took no whistling to heed;

that empty soda cans attract bees. Simple Forest Conjectures.



We Are Delicious Seen

disease-front allies teetered feedback, kind.
         Lunge | Seize                  during bay at keeps did
dine among tractor-lore inhabitants [those field breeze machines]; did
fall supine amidst solid-state insurgents [those jacketed key rapines]. billow
queer the lungs, sided, distinct, in prefectur-ed deem.              Lush | Keep

         we are delicious seen.



This Is Not a Lipogram

Constraint-deed lithographs accompanied Oulipo adjuncts.
Mush the mind [canon]; as creased formidable spins within mathematics [non-lackadaisical].
rigor, then, fixed-quest caulk bonnets——     dizzy set propositional vigor [seated]

summed ‘pataphysical rigging with a patent vulgar [cinema]