Scott Abels

from  Rambo Goes to Idaho

When my fictitious involvement in the Afghanistan conflict had ended,
I owed Colonel Troutman a care package


with, Let me out.  I am hope.
written on the ribbon.


He opened the box at the beach,
(we never see him snickering)


all in all,
he became an old man.


I was
such a guppy.


He always
brings a lot of energy.


He is such a pilot.


When I meet the leaves
(which is what he calls his children)
I don’t want the day to be about me.


Me and the Colonel used to love to
close our eyes and imagine
this planet


not being around
for forever
having a red wine and coke


doing our little hand-dance
together we could retake this town
using only


the computers in Rambo 2.
We had a nice office in Vietnam.



from  Rambo Goes to Idaho

Be sober, but have some beer for after
the deification of the leaders.


The President has acquired the last state in the Union
as his generic talisman
toward not getting robbed.


The myth of the playground of the Pacific
was filmed with a camera
that normally goes in a colon.


I heard they made the last mayor
eat grass and rocks and die.
He said fuck 15 times in one syllable.


It was the beginning of the weird little world
of Little James Duckbutter and his sister Tapioca.
Their Uncle Harry Goal planning nothing.


Your donut made you smile,
mumbling how we suffer.
Your cheeseburger made you tired.


Did you say mismatch or mish mash?
When I play it by ear
I always fall in love a little.


I’m turning 30 all over again.

I have a huge sense of humor,

but don't spit on my porch.