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Rebecca Mertz



Do you know which rules you are supposed to obey?

           Don’t ever reveal your name in the text or the answer
           Let your readers see the blindfold and the silk gag
           this began as a cruel space without intention or expressio





Do you see any logical progression in this line of questioning?

           There isn’t a word or phrase that summarizes this
           articulation of everything we believe. We bound it

           if you leave it open for long enough the mouth will dis






But how are you performing the objectification?

           There is a history of the virtue of celibacy that expl
           this thrashing emptiness you feel between your cel
           please let me see her again if only to note that place in h





Why must we use our bodies exclusively for the glorification
of the Lord?

           We always get so intrigued whenever skin is mentio
           There is little to differentiate us besides the blood on
           that phone call still happens nightly, she said that nothi