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Karl Kempton

Selections from Chewed 2010

On Chewed 2011: These visual poems or sound illuminations are based on Photons made from photos of Bubble Gum Alley and guided through computer programs, none of which are photoshop. Bubble Gum Alley is a narrow brick walled walkway in San Luis Obispo, California. Gum pressed forms began appearing on the brick walls in the early 1960’s. Other portions of CHEWED 2011 can be found at Renegade and Tip Of The Knife .

The initial CHEWED series was divided into two collections composed from 2005 through 2006: 1) CHEWED, many sections of which have been published in various emags, including Word For Word. Selections from this first series are being published in book form by Andrew Topel’s Avantacular and will be available soon. 2) RUNE 19: Rose Windows for the Cathedral of the Chewed, Scarred and Discarded, which can be seen and read here.

My visual poems have been nationally and internationally published and exhibited since 1974. The work has evolved from typewriter to computer b&w to color and now mixed media work currently with the use of a SLR digital camera.