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Serena M. Tome

Sketch #3: Denise Levertov-Ancient Stairway

“Footsteps like water hollow
the broad curves of stone
ascending, descending
century by century.
Who can say if the last
to climb these stairs
will be journeying
downward or upward?”
                                    I am sure the last
                                                to descend
                                                            will be
                                                                        the crimson dragon

            The great deity of destruction

Emblem of passion
            will make
            this structure
                                    a footstool

Sketch #4 Li-Young Lee-Dwelling

“As though touching her
might make him known to himself,”

The perfect sedative to relax the hankering

Voices inside my head, speaking all at once

Telling and retelling my history over and over again

I cup my hands respectfully and hold her

Gently sniffing her aroma, hoping for a release

                                                                                  “as though his hands moving over her
                                                                                body might find who he is, as though he lay
                                                                               inside her, a country...”


                                            like sweet honeysuckle blooms
                                            plucked violently from their homes,
                                            squeezed until drunk with excuses
                                            that enables one to forget his way home