Word/ For Word # 2

Ric Carfagna


benign entropy


rummaging thru relevant clutter
 cracking branches
a constant
           threat to stability
undermining equilibrium
           I sense    a layering solidification
                 closer to an older self
given to superficial immolation
                        for the want soon denies
           the tenuous thickets
                   prolonging a mortality
or even its harmonies
                        which approach
           an ostensible fruition
                 locked in the rote votives
                        of non-thinking

for words cannot
      what the conscious mind
                                     defines as desires
           beyond a quickening
                        conception of fiction
         vague    deference
                to defiance soon deters
                        clamoring to fears
                                                      a supplicatory aquiesence

  to mention clouds
 as passing metaphors
 fulfilling a purview
                 which limits the fortitude
            of visible portraiture
content with the preformulated
   truncations         leaving somatic vestiges
                 to placate
                               an artifactual sibilance
         a conjectural mercy-song
                            palpable parameters
         still wounded by ethereal excrescences
                 ablate quotidian fears
              flesh-voids of sophistic vehemence
                 revering the unearthed
                              the corpsal roots
               or the untouchable
            auras of tangible affliction

            or deeper abjectivity
              each bout with intransigence
                         as the imperturbable loci
            looms   stolid and unchanging
                        as mortality




[contributors' notes]