Word/ For Word # 2

Andrew Jecklin


realm how to say world unwind?


what also came to my mind you can simply ask
what words or sentences they want with such moods
that would let you yearn

count a number of letters in one line including spaces between words
count carefully by yourself

of course it's possibly exactly like You
explained in the article what struck me first with the lost part was the new Ironic

appeared instead all for the sake of Improving or what a very good person
will throw into the net Their Entire Being So grumble grumble and a little grumbling
is refreshing despite how loose one can be design or Lay
Out is provincial self

made here maybe a p o box is

needed where people can drop their wishes
control structures Are you not away from today's truth showrooms and trips
and tricks and clients and so in the end I feel it

can be if not worse in this great dirt




[contributors' notes]