Word For/ Word: A Journal of new writing

Anne Gorrick


She wanted to break up with him so she could shag the quarterback
He wanted to get caught
They wanted to give their shadows back, but they were still obese

She wanted to be a coyote
He wanted to play Captain America
They wanted to label gays as a hate group, but they won't have any help

She wanted to learn how to read a teleprompter
He wanted to die with his family
They wanted to keep it quiet, but then they did something like a bewildered herd

She wanted to eat his heart and be lost in the desert
He wanted to beat up some long-haired hippies
They wanted to read thousands of words to each other, but they're not Lady Gaga

She wanted to avoid looking too Hebrew"
He wanted to be just like Bruce Lee
They wanted to donate harmonicas to underprivileged children in various countries, but they're not indestructible

She wanted to be a stripper when she grew up, just like daddy's girlfriend
He wanted to wake up and smell the earthy musk of manure, hear the whinny of a pony. Not just any pony. A prize pony
They wanted to cling, but there was nothing to cling to, and that was unfortunate for them, but they still want you to watch

She wanted to review his attendance record, grade book, anecdotal records, etc.
He wanted to see who Jesus was, but being a short man he could not, because of the crowd
They wanted to live in a rich neighborhood, but they also fear it

She wanted to pay in cash
He wanted to fry her in Crisco
They wanted to defeat Russia, but they also want to be better navigators

She wanted to practice French vocabulary
He wanted to be the king of condom key chains, but there are some things they just don't teach you at Harvard Business School
They wanted their bank to accept as little as 40 cents on the dollar, but they all come back eventually to face the challenges of prisoner reentry

She wanted to update her status
He wanted to suck her blood
They wanted to remain over water as they prepared for landing, but they are rarely heard

She wanted to claim his body with her feet and toes
He wanted to be a clown, but his dad wanted him to be an astronaut
They wanted to be well cared for and understood, but they looked like they were wearing sneakers

She wanted to come to the aid of a library under attack
He wanted to hide his chest pains
They wanted to repeat a romantic moment in time, but they have a lot of loser qualities

She wanted to be a prophet
He wanted to hold her hand
They wanted to look like characters on TV, but they're not big sellers

She wanted to lose her virginity next to the Hadron Collider
He wanted to justify himself
They wanted to recreate the Garden of Eden. They knew they couldn't do it in Chicago, but they deserve better

She wanted to repaint her car entirely in nail polish
He wanted to cut AIDS funding
They wanted to carve a scary pumpkin, but they're looking for more

She wanted to hang onion rings on his penis and eat them
He wanted to take a 'step back'
They wanted to think and imagine and to walk until they forgot things, but they don't love paying for it

She wanted to know what it felt like to kill another human
He wanted to be together all the time
They wanted to sell the van, but it's as necessary for reading the news as glasses

She wanted to be answer candidly
He wanted to control ''the timing and manner" in which his son learned about ''adult themes"
They wanted to obtain automatic weapons, but they will never forget how you made them feel

She wanted to feed Bill Clinton a peach
He wanted to set the record straight because he initially told police after his arrest in April last year that he didn't have a tattoo
They wanted to scare themselves, but decided they're not for eating

She wanted to be burnt
He wanted to karaoke on their first date
They wanted to mount a full-court press, but they often miss the mark in the honesty department

She wanted to make Bollywood films
He wanted to distinguish between good and bad
They wanted to, but not because they felt pressured or obligated to

She wanted to speak cow, especially when they lay in sunshine on the distant hill beyond the oil well
He wanted to dig up Jane Austen and beat her
They wanted to have a wet tee shirt contest, but that won't solve all ills

Translate this sentence: "She wanted to give him a big party last night" using the indirect object
He wanted to introduce 100,000 electric cars to the capital
They wanted to write a fugue, but they're not actively pursuing it

She wanted to purchase tombstones for her grandchildren
He wanted to create a happy face pattern on the lawn
They wanted to do a better job of cleaning, but they also want to be entertained

She didn't know if she wanted to be large or small
He wanted to draw in her Moleskine
They wanted to change the order of things, but they still have an ugly Swiss franc problem

She wanted to sue God
He wanted to be pen pals
They wanted to leave prostitution, but they're genetic disasters

She wanted to be both original and 3D
He wanted to be a rabbi and play King Lear
They wanted to dictate text to each other during the night, but also host potent mold

She wanted to off the lawyer's wife
He wanted to spend more time with his family and not hurt himself
They wanted to recreate Greece, but they shouldn't

She wanted to cut it off
He wanted to spin
They wanted to see how that affected the spread of disease, but they kept quiet

She wanted to emulate a pop star's worldwide success
He wanted to end her suffering
They wanted to break away from the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, but they won't

She wanted to shout at least once in her life
He wanted to eat his opponent's kids
They wanted to, but they can't stay awake

She wanted to do something "incredibly different"
He wanted to be the assassin AND a likable team player
They wanted to cash out, but they can still measure rain

She wanted to get arrested
He wanted to butter her pancake
They wanted to play flashlight tag, but they should calm down

She wanted to determine if nests of rainforest birds located closest to the trunk were safer from predators than those located on the outer bark
He wanted foot love
They wanted to provoke an international incident, but they'd feel it

She wanted to escape from 16th century ideals of womanhood
He wanted to swap his guilt-inducing Catholic upbringing for an observant Jewish mid-adulthood
They wanted to draw attention to the latest restriction on their liberty, but they're no Sinatra

She wanted to be a farmer instead of a piece of agricultural equipment
He wanted to kiss her fiercely, but the beer made him shy
They wanted to provide cover for their moves, but they make poor conversationalists

She wanted to lick lick lick lick him like a lolipop lol oshit
He wanted to be upright for his own wake
They wanted to, but not because they had an artificial deadline to reach

She wanted to cuddle after giving him a handjob
He wanted to go to Disneyland
They wanted to play live without the difficulties of touring, but still piss behind the door

She wanted to ride with him on Flickriver
He wanted to account for the significant use of negators by depressed patients in free speech
They wanted to go back on the gold standard, but they still charge extra

She wanted to botox their kid's face
He wanted to kill the "generals" of the liberal movement
They wanted to build their congregations, but they can also be so annoying

She wanted to see what it would be like to live in this little rock star fantasy world
He wanted to be a good security guard and look after her, but the situation became unbearable
They wanted to add new items to their menu, but they offer scant protection

She wanted to stash quarters in her room
He wanted to create "echoes realer / than originals"
They wanted to know if John Wayne was really bald, but they throw around the word love like it's nothing

She wanted to blurt out an apology
He wanted to take his son into a Japanese sex shop
They wanted to know both the good AND the bad of Facebook, but they want their borders secure

She wanted to write about sex but not from jail
He wanted to do something similar that would further stir public interest in astronomy
They wanted an increase of 12%, but they're not saints

They wanted to consolidate and reduce packaging because that is good for the environment

Sleep Like

He sleeps like a Christian
She sleeps about 10% of the time under the front porch
They sleep like blueprints

He sleeps like an inanimate object
She sleeps like she put vodka in the baby's milk
They sleep like cliches

He sleeps like classic rock
She sleeps like a bride
They sleep like gray whales

He sleeps like Tolstoy
She sleeps like a rock on a jade pillow
They sleep like they leak at both ends

He sleeps like he burns up with drunken badness
She sleeps like a schizophrenic angel
They sleep like a parody of the Pope

He sleeps like an aerospace industry
She sleeps like those devoid of fame
They sleep like Grey's Anatomy

He sleeps like a maltese crossed with a bijon
She sleeps like a disorder
They sleep like they did when they were younger

He sleeps like a fireman with his pants in his boots beside his bed
She sleeps like an amateur
They sleep like some drunk groupie staring at Jon Bon Jovi

He sleeps like a soldier
She sleeps like a small wild animal
They sleep like motivational wisdom

He sleeps like the economy
She sleeps like adverb phrases that modify noun phrases
They sleep like French women who don't get fat

He sleeps like a hare with his eyes open
She sleeps like Hunter Thompson
They sleep like the state of Missouri

"Some say he has nipples in the shape of the Nurburgring" or " He sleeps like a bat"
She sleeps like travel
They sleep like little brown billiard balls

He sleeps like he's made of concrete
She sleeps like Brooklyn
They sleep like starfish

He sleeps like a frog laying with his hind legs straight out behind him
She sleeps like a modern allegory
They sleep like proverbs

He sleeps like a marmot
She sleeps like charm
They sleep like the Atlantic Monthly

He sleeps like a rotting corpse
She sleeps in serene psychosis
They sleep like a Maoist attack

He sleeps like a porpoise
She sleeps like homeopathy
They sleep like a Broadway show

He sleeps like a normal parrot
She sleeps like a growth spurt
They sleep like a paid-off mortgage

He sleeps like there are 56 hours in the day
She sleeps like defiance
They sleep like the definitive guide to sleep

He sleeps like a buried stone
She sleeps like a cyclone
They sleep like risky and thoughtless behavior

He sleeps like an alcoholic boyfriend
She sleeps like that episode of the Brady Bunch
They sleep like murder victims

He sleeps like he's got something to prove
She sleeps like a Japanese dream
They sleep like boulders

He sleeps like an unknowable place
She sleeps like no other
They sleep like in-laws

He sleeps like an angel factory
She sleeps like nothing happened
They sleep like a rhino under a tree

He sleeps like Roger Federer
She sleeps like a vampire with her hands across her chest.
They sleep like greeting cards

He sleeps like his sleep style has been decoded
She sleeps like a flowered pink afghan
They sleep like St. Francis

He sleeps like he has time to jot down cute and interesting things
She sleeps like his chagrin
They sleep like their sleepless mate knows how they sleep

He sleeps like this once in a while: his tongue will actually dry out
She sleeps like a corpse, he says, but she's so beautiful. He unbuckles his pants. She's horrified: Senor Doug! What are you doing?
They sleep practically perfect in every way

He sleeps like a king in the middle of the bed all stretched out
She sleeps like his bloodmate
They sleep like badgers

He sleeps like Risperidone
She sleeps like a summer vacation
They sleep like their body demands

He sleeps like he knows the abuse he heaps on his underlings
She sleeps like a scar healing testimonial
They sleep like mammals despite independent evolutionary lines

He sleeps like festivals are important to him
She sleeps like a dominating narcissist
They sleep like they have ecological relevance

He sleeps like his life depends on it but go ahead and try to fight him
She sleeps like an angel that wakes up screaming in the night
Of course they sleep like that. They're fish

He sleeps like the hinge of Africa
She sleeps like a pig (jokingly), as her Chinese sign is a pig
They sleep like masks

He sleeps like a Cuban refugee
She sleeps like this during the day to mock us
They sleep like asthma patients

He sleeps like he's going through a break-up
She sleeps like critical analysis
They sleep like real inmates do with one blanket and no pillow

He sleeps like the shutter sound on a camera
She sleeps like a carcass believing that nothing disturbs the dead
They sleep like crap, eat like crap, and train like crap. They play video games till midnight

He sleeps like a great white shark trying to break into Jacques Cousteau's sharkproof cage
She sleeps like five examples of sentences
They sleep like analogies and similes

He sleeps like Ottawa
She sleeps like an almanac
They sleep like they are camera shy

She sleeps like a baby dragon on her massive pile of pharma money
They sleep like logs when they are supposed to perform
They sleep like cliques and whispers

When he sleeps like that, he looks like an iguana with wings
She sleeps like related rhetorical elements
They sleep like winter

He sleeps like a saint in a holy place
She sleeps like John Updike on those green pills
They sleep like it's spa day

He sleeps like this, and awakens in emotional terror when he finds his own arm has reattached itself
She sleeps like death, dreams of bees, honey, light and shadow, gold
They sleep like potheads after an all-night session

He sleeps like animation
She sleeps like dropping a letter into a mailbox
They sleep like crime