Word For/ Word: A Journal of new writing

Joseph Mains

Donald is Unafraid what a Dude'll do in a Town Full of Heros & Villians

No difference:
Donald is the states, the states
across this nation. Don't you
worry 'bout me. I wouldn't worry about me. Donald is cop shoot cop I believe
I believe.

Donald is
the lemon of pink. Well well
well well well well. Donald is
1000 cities. Now the angels killed devils, hung them in the streets
& reveled

in the fires
of the bloodlust & revenge.
"A blue pain will come into
us all," the infant lisped. Soul rhymes with toes, Goethe with sleet. I have blue
gorgeous eyes,

gouged my
socket, with my left eyeball,
interested, I watched him
poke an unfiltered Camel through my blue pain, then smoke the cigarette.
I party at

3 a.m.
Ah, with a valium from the
bride, it's the Devil I love.
The Devil I love & that's as funny as real love & that's as real
as true love.

Don & the Men He Bought & Sold & Told Me So

I'm so pretty said Don I felt like the shiniest
lemons I felt like the pretty-date
tights. All rapped at the thigh & wrapped
wet around Birthday Party
Don : the action figure : the darkthrone
and the direct deposit of green fucking
living all at once.

                   Once I wanted to wage war
Don said to the guttermouth
girl on foodstamps with the gold Marc
Jacobs bag she kept in a velvet protective
bag but Don continued :
Yr so Portland I couldn't say yes
or no--I said both--or, I dunno.