Word For/ Word: A Journal of new writing

Clemente Padin

Selection of "No-Object" Poems

If you have read this note, you have understood:

- that you have realized an act of intervening in an object who only proposition was to unlink the synapses of thought/action;

- that you have adequately resolved the supposed contradiction thought/action or conception-of-the-act/ejection-of-the-act despite the prohibition against doing so;

- that this realized act liberated the fruitful tension of the contradiction and that this resolution is pleasant;

- that, despite the alienating pressure of the system that imposes a separation between thought/action, you are able to propose and execute acts that run counter to the system by not submitting to the order of this is prohibited;

- that No-Object Art proposes exactly this: to act upon reality and not upon a substitute for this reality as are the artistic languages that we know; and

- that you, by not complying with the prohibition, have demonstrated that you have a no-dependent personality and that everything depends upon you and that, then, everything is possible....