Word for/ Word

Libby Hart

Corvus Corax

His thought grew from fairy martin to goldfinch.
It turned behind his eyes, a bustle of chirrup and feather--
flashes of yellow then russet then white.

Swallow shook its cage. Pipit undid the lid.
Plover fled to the outer world. His reflection
lifting from wily wet to kingfisher, to starling,
then blush of musk lorikeet.

Blackbird spoke blackbird words. Turtledove joined in.
Kestrel flourished to lapwing, to boobook,
then silver gull sway.

Next was enigma’s razzle-dazzle,
a raucous piece of sky.
Sweet thunder roiled to roughest folksong
when wolf-bird became Raven drone.

Shadow drone warbled dark rumination.
Predator drone invoked his secret name;
a howl-song so piercing it brought the Reaper drone.