Christina Vega-Westhoff
from Suelo Tide Cement
[ ... ]

if you tried, but failed, it
was expected (they said / in the
papers) and simply a part of it
as in _____ and then _____
& in pieces of settled landmass
it is in this way unexpected
division which creates earth
anew //
how if paternalism’s
presence as in us and them and
what we bring as if we as
separate from what the developers
Place / memory / lapse
and indeed the little ingredients
the point here maybe is just what
is noticed as as equivalent

If the vision were then a
part of your innermost treeness
as in part/all of the fight is (materialized)
As lost art(if)(act) husk /
fibrous entities / a chair of sand
then the experience of annihilation
written overlays /
counting your big sensations
and if here or there
as in the biggest it just happened (ing)
Perceived as such, the voice carries--
forth--the cut/cat or the music/culebra.
The agony--the night entering
much too early without moon
with cloudless design--with
duct tape in recreation-izing
recolonization--new / neozonation
I am reading the words you are reading
snacktime creation. The
riff resonates yet we don’t know why
or when or fonetic remembrances.
Across from
she says it can reteach you time
the daily noticings of
little garden
languages feel at the border before
the line ever shifting
another says that anxiety and deep breath
cannot coexist in the same body
how much a part of things we are

the shell--throw it back
not because it will
be nostalgic for its home but because
how often do you remember something
forgotten. When there are no deep
words to sing, listen(ing).
What was said aloud
floated and fell in silence and when we
left, we left each one in silence
or near silence--everything is
easily erased. Like this house we
occupy where every room is exposed, open
air, where what we bring will be
If ephemeral as the woman said
in an untranslated accent, showing
us the wares that would soon
decompose themselves. Something we
offered together--What do
we give to you soil
even as I write this, someone
approaching or distancing, footsteps
over leaves, branches,
and other decomposing
to look at de-compositing/
osition as the mos creation
without qualifiers