Word for/ Word

Marco Giovenale

language plot against the aliens
0, 27


is = gestures. same


to canal, interaction, system's angle, action that involves flesh transcription back to

distance, borrowed voice

spreading grain.
cistern. send the formula

carnivorous' nail cut "irrigation", "distance", "lion", "buoy", "ring"

conjugation [represent] : [erase] disturb

language [represent] : [erase] erase

fetch the object, a monosyllabic spin

/a/ versus /a/
remote phoneme to older membrane

[sound =eq.= left-brain]

call, cry, loud, fetch: _ _ _ glittering one.


organic cliffs present [O]
that's nearly alabaster
(e.g., geometry: it involved the consonant r)
(with forced nonspeaking: "to smaller stare" = 27)

th./loop. [O]versus : no buoy. wind’s over.


which word? (earli
er: agglutinative)
august (with simple friction tabs)
led on.

position. many
(circular structures appear).

floating boat. the turtle way. red & narrow


found food;
were the roasted wood;
here the roasted woods own
mass flowers

= true + wood + vacuum tablet


. struggle .
. closure of teeth in production .
. to name .
. will stem .
. profit .


–unciation | invented;
; (a,'water, and há, johannes

son the (one); with biological pron invented

; 3,000 of uh(3): lú: enemy no, 'remote', class).

numerousness; river; because in na: /s/: some ridge corner, action 14: