Word for/ Word

Elizabeth Witte

We’re counting

This one as much as the last.

A symptom of everything, meaning options but you’re gonna die from it. Breathlessness our new


Shine it up because we want it

we want it. This city opens bottom-up--

it’s a bowl. disaster. There is movement not progression.

I want to watch it with you another way of saying I’m watching you.

Go on, feel invaded. I forgot to say. Try to remember. That year was threatened.

Close your eyes. Watch out. Invader.

Invader. That year was a long time ago. It’s happened. Air.

When the train goes by, drive fast.

Watch, or try not to. Hear it. Not this transportation, but impact.


rename all the streets but especially the ones named for what river where?

How else to protect ourselves against inaccuracy. We are trying to tell you your future fortune

here. Come, let’s crawl back into wood.