Heath Brougher

Fix you up again

how high does a brother have to climb that latter?

how high does a postindustrial mother have to climb that latter?

[Vitamultin of the Vale

slow poison]

you cant hummingbird talk your way out of this one

all the hummingbirds are dead

dead. yes. the venomous water of the Vale

struck a certain strategic chord of consciousness

a----------mong hummingbird brains [dinosaur brains]

hummingburns and dinosaurs! he stays somewhere between

confusion and excitement!?


there’s still a mountain of feathers and meat

across the nation as we await decomposition

[Vitamultin of the Vale

a slow poison in disguise]

[plug into what? there are no walls left standing]

and the arrival of that much poetically lauded snotflower

to devour the bone

to deflower the bone

so we have a place to stand upon

this Vale

and live our lives

[instead of sitting upon

mountains of bones--

something that if were so would mean

there would be no species. race. Mankind. Humanity.

[temporal causality?--

I don’t think so-- more like evolutionary necessity]

I do think so but I do think

thrice and then some

and top that off with some Infinity.

([is this heavy enough yet?])