Billy Cancel
orange big head’s poetic legacy & the post-
hairy panic identity were the subject of
yesterday’s reductive 90 second skit t hrough
the filter of dystopian farce to a boon dock
back drop perfect grain silo sunset will be
visited by a devilish entity who shall trample
the crops down we hope past bongland checkpoint
softly hued blurry ground extends & the checkpoint is
a 2 way stall straight or not everyone in the faculty
has something going on up to our armpits in the
partially blurred spectrum i for 1 want
to take that interference
& drop it in here to
set up what’ll promise to be a pattern of alternating
white green triangles instead
am betting with smaller stakes to delay
the inevitable t omorrow is a holiday so
try to have a battle
breakfast get out of
town get away in
the head