Joel Chace
liquid rosaries

emission free fall --
appropriate their abstracts --
incomplete gashes

seduction contract --
which one of them had done that? --
oh, oh, oh, hell no

profligate crooner --
there’s much more room underground --
liquid rosaries

Miles Davis syndrome --
if it’s gone, grab another --
last ditch effortless

all answers aren’t five --
all answers are not seven --
all answers aren’t five

flipping consciences --
alcohol over our brains --
try a tenderness

unlikely proteins --
culinary hide and seek --
repo the slo mo

having sought so long --
they all prefer the unruled --
snow falls against pines

he jumped the wrong creek --
o this headlong reverie --
her bruised rubato

who’s important now? --
firmament of all their eyes --
only if we say