John Myers
from Mudship

1. We go for a walk

2. A process that goes on in secret is lavish

3. The outside air because the sprinklers were on is fragrant

4. Our schedule is open and pretty

5. And what people are doing would appear to be purely intuitive

6. Our bowels are like jelly

7. We kiss our Bills goodbye

8. We just want to confirm that this is you

9. This is us saying goodbye

10. Call us Cash

11. The outside is still fragrant

12. It was peaches and the one feature we would not be caught without is bell choir

13. It is important for us to let others enjoy the things they enjoy

14. We cough

15. When the bell is rung, profit

16. We thought at first it was a spanking

17. Everyone else is leaving, none of them having bought our knives

18. Coughing follows the olive course

19. And a little brown rabbit hops into our path

20. We cannot sew, prescribe, or model

21. Our scientists study belonging

22. We do not have watches

23. We seek someone to touch nouns with

24. Our scientists study pace, acceleration, and the effects of vinegar

25. We had to bode, when we heard the bell, well

26. Moths in the almonds, moths in the beans

27. We see, we know, silverfish, minnows, puppies, gnats, mice, and the moths

28. Worriedly

29. The privacy of action

30. We roll kites for the arousal

31. We campaign

32. We bristle at the word relationship

33. A sheep bleats, throws off our wrist

34. We imagine unfurling

35. It was the first time Bill honked his horn at us he began multiplying

36. We need to be by ourselves

37. A building rusts in the sun

38. We doubt our sexual prowess but want to enjoy ourselves

39. Our game is to wait

40. What we tell one another forms a lip

41. There were no birds on our list

42. Serving spoons and poppies through a display window at the dry goods store

43. What if the line’s left running like a faucet

44. We see the special exhibition in the toy store, jingle bells thick and bright as a drake

45. We are just glad to be here

46. Are we to be recognized by our surroundings?

47. Alcohol hands off soft shapes

48. We excuse ourselves

49. Stuff rosemary in our noses

50. Whenever our overtures are misunderstood, we hesitate

51. It’s been a very good day for us

52. We want these candles to reflect the sore lights in our eyes

53. Like solder, we will only run when enough heat is applied

54. We were caught rummaging through the trunks of your cars for snail shells

55. Were we wrong to look there?

56. Were we wrong?

57. We know things that feel incredible are also part chance

58. We count them, daylight being what it is

59. People need to wait, no matter how young

60. We look for delicate flowers that bloom themselves through stems through seed through hard sand or clay

61. We can’t stand a full moon

62. The wind was low so we took off our gloves

63. A mourning dove makes her nest

64. In the dry goods store a boy sits on the counter with a book, shoelaces dangling

65. After anxiety, it takes a few days to describe our relief

66. Are there such things as unsuccessful pleasures?

67. We need to feel like we are part enough of the community

68. Comes a muskrat up to the surface of the pond to breathe

69. We were taught both to sleep on the plane and to be liars

70. The surface of the pond changes color, pale to fuscous and back with the passing of a cloud

71. We pretend, often, to be strangers on separate errands

72. Our favorite technique for consensus is rhymes

73. We wash our paper money out in the sink

74. Peaches bob the pond the day after the hurricane

75. We break another tree

76. Don’t tell us how happy

77. How to eat enough salt to live

78. Sometimes we fall into the ivy

79. We saw you kneeling by the shotgun through the back window

80. We understate

81. We keep putting ourselves back on the roster

82. This is our Italian cypress

83. We need the sun to take us along with it wherever it goes as we are its kittens

84. Whenever possible stay within sight of water during times of stress

85. Those exposed elbows don’t belong to us

86. A new sensation crowds that one out as when a picnic is over

87. To keep our bodies as vacant as possible and as like springboards

88. We prefer being driven around by our Bills

89. We compare ourselves to the rain

90. There is no such thing as error

91. We must always stretch to stay stretched

92. We hid our eyes less this year, our knees more

93. Recommended enemas

94. Our noses feel sore

95. Though we marched in the Parade of Pears we were listless

96. And here is our eucalyptus

97. Kit: powder, pollen, cake and yellow flowers

98. We spend whole days cultivating proximity

99. A nice, cordial goodbye, or anything in the right context

100. It is widely reported that our dog ran away

101. A bright June day

102. Is it a toy or a decoration?

103. We enjoy those who burrow

104. We wouldn’t pretend astonishment

105. We wrote to win your trust

106. Decidedly looked to the win

107. We toast to our decision to leave

108. Exposure and frequent licking

109. The past has a way of unraveling

110. We check the weather against our plan

111. Kit: sand, flower petals, daubs of mud

112. Our generous senses of fear make us ideal in comforting the sensitive

113. A statue creams the light

114. Among other things

115. We decide to look to the wind

116. We scrape the loop off in the gravel and are admonished by the housekeepers

117. We split our time between seeking permission and purchasing reusable shopping bags

118. The crowns for all the grasshoppers gleam

119. We ache for other evidence

120. Kit: ink in the foyer, cabbage in the skin, trembling

121. The carrot soup we were accustomed to ran out

122. We distract from our plan with bright kites and flags

123. We ache, ache, desire

124. You don’t need to convince those who already know how auspicious your presence is

125. Us stuffing gold in the store’s maslin kettles

126. The first time we left we told none of our Bills

127. We look younger

128. We were more lonesome the less our jackets matched

129. A few of us threaten not to be ourselves

130. We bake meringues and set them on all available half-windows

131. We’ve come to be cared for