Word For/Word: #3
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Ray Farr



The View from "by the Fallen Trellis"

Yes in a circle I can claim I live
In some distance nearly avoided
The devoted bridge aesthetically defines itself
The eyes of each mirrored as equal/political
The trees like a tall & ordered view
Alone by certain views
Strange perceptions interrupted like a bridge collapsed
The wind comes up speaking
Let "alone" be analyzed by how its definition borrows the view of "alone"
In the end
A tall plumed bird mentioned in passing is reconfigured--a part of a plan
Down the trellis fell by the house
Up squinted into the sun but couldn't notice
Along came a different person with tolerable aspect who "loved" tall plumed birds
The different person with tolerable aspect who "loved" tall plumed birds
Was mentioned in passing--a part of what was intruded upon
When spoken aloud what is written takes the oldest form--a shadow voiced like an eye
And what the hand maneuvered took up the trellis like a renovated
By the house a person--a tall plumed bird
I ask "What bird was it?"
The bird it was/is is not a relevant matter
The question is the form intrusion takes
I asked it not for an answer
"The tall plumed bird" is enough
The person is information equal to the tall plumed bird
Along again, once again
The bridge is still in the aspect of landscape, far off, information analyzed, included
"The house by which the trellis fell"
& "The home by which the trellis fell" are equal statements
Have been perpetuated by multiple contexts



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