Word For/Word: #3
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Jeff Harrison




Over the refuge of dizzy millions
Over the television our spies tell are dead

Over blinking sevens up a damned daisy
Over the icy rain of inexcusable contractility

Over the death certificate sticking from his fly
Over the time machine gasping for breath

Over the legal mind in front of my fireplace
Over the hypodermic gone seventeen hours large

Over paint and broken storm windows
Over the sea as a cheap closing act

Over emergency rooms filled with ecstatic flags
Over a vague patch of admission

Over the bone-white Flamenco machine
Over immortal bargains in king-sized doses

Over the rasp of perpendicular blackouts
Over an ever-growing open standard

Over "a wolf's expression dashed on the ocean's knee"
Over the whole array of a footnote's lingerie

Over an old friend of the night's family
Over young cherry trees secured against hares

Over the inky tarnish of wet meat sub-routed and assertive
Over untrue wounds speechless & shut

Over lightning toppling Life's inaudible fuck
Over the crypt lining her mouth with contrivance

Over desuicidal robots who fire pairs of filth
Over noctambulism accidentally killing MIDAS cave

Over a long syllable equal to two short syllables
Over the possibility that dark spots are also stars

Over a green of any strength hardly modeled
Over a precipice with a vegetable Tchelitchew

Virginia, wave!



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