Word For/Word: #3
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Jonathan Minton



                                                                                COLLAGE FOR LUC FIERENS

                           the whole day thinking about writing /

                                                                                    Chuck Welch once
                                                                                    told me: you cannot change
                                                                                    the world but you can change
                                                                                    the world in yourself
                                                                     that touch
                                                 at random, sometimes images
                                                                that speak & people/their faces
                                     in them/ & between:              to start
                                                                    with a found phrase,
                                                        a photo,        to start.....         a collage
                                                                   is linking
                                                                                  old meanings
                                                        with new
                                                                                  structures // the human
                                                        landscape is found

                           between language & bodies

                           in a daily continuous

                           paper / this, for instance,

                                                                         world - this near distance -

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