Word For/Word: #3
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Francis Raven



Icon Reverberation

The statue that moves is
When the heart swoons.
Sword may not be drawn
out of bronze,
but hair will blow slight
           in back
of skyscraper
does not bend
even in realization
even in love

           Does it stay still
           as any unknown hour

           and lay weighing
           on how we all might live?

The time any idea might take
is longer than you might think
no one may care
no one may protect
no one may fight for its existence,

and yet, you will still attempt
           (It is as the dare,
           As the undone,
           directing but unwoven)

Do you want to get up?
           Are awoken

An ontology or an aesthetics?
           Excuse me sir,
                     are you studying
                      the possibility of an event
           or the event itself?

           Excuse me sir, (in the hallway)
                     that is green
           ensconced in sprinkler sounds
                     (installation of values).

Art unwinds further and further,
           at times, stacks
           itself back into
                     a shelf,
           into a space
                     (can't be every space?)
motives for our predilection
           (that's fit to print)
and questioning abstract
           came up with the end
           of a snake (poisonous)
           that my mother bartered for
           while in graduate school.

Bouncing (beside or lacking will)
from being filled to being empty -
there is the sphere of creativity
leaking like nobody's girlfriend
across the page or canvas.
Later: (is it good?)

Must be a structural reason
why poetry always attempts to be new.
Watching Hamlet on fastforward,
The plot collapses
into a few seconds
(the realistic)
"you know what's really funny
is Tolstoy writing about Shakespeare,
He thinks he sucks and he thinks he's better than him,
writing things like: this scene would be pretty good
if it wasn't so melancholy,"
(overheard metaphysics
of knowledging presence).

Supervising the islands,
letting the ocean stream by
and the land tie in
with sailor's knots and knows.
I am not full grown
although the water rushes around.

Motions from guitars get sick,
weaving song and other judgments
for survival
and so they drink
or get weary in the ocean
with rusty handles.

Weeds have grown past your childhood
and into now, round up round up,
a child's dance surrounds.

Pleasing the hours, keeping
them to their word.
The gift of nerves -
a present in every object
gives wander of speech in every
gives new vivacious or riparian answer
tell the clerk to screw himself.

Giving in
we follow
towards the statue
or grip of penis (or pens, what have you).

Drain takes us all the way down
and yet, residue,
into the depth of our own inscribed souls.

The soul is still written only
in so much as
it is rewritten,
as it is a forward moving statue.




"Typed Put"


a distinction between…

        a need to reach

(we can search for concept's generation
in experience)

        and conditions of
        legal claim of

representation either produces the object
or the object allows the representation

to urge a distinction again

or sneak in the legal claim of

coming together with its objects:
        under its skin
        under the conditions of

        choose a lexicon
        choose a field of study

        what do we need?)


"as parents and poets do"



        "and of generosity"

to give of yourself
through the window
        of begetting


drawing (importance of)
such as line in space
such as, not just point,
but actually sitting down with a pencil,
such as


And I know
to know that I do not
but I do not violate an opponent in an "open

and competition
and really were dubbed

obtain to comprehensive
compilation to content to occur in


but you don't know too,

let's take a stand about comprehensive debris
even government used

not to halt the pentagon and vertical laboratory library
collaborating to elaborate

to allow break, but read


talked into
attending dying

to pertain to get into one neat never attacking
the evidence and off the code
singing into near lake
to convert lot of them
but did not call to reach issue to


eye and then have new know
live about an inland time

But to the staged
made this off the line
that which concerns involvement
catching the bridge
that we check the status
atlas has been tainted with the legal claim

gateway weren't

They translate explanation of outcomes

of people into budget the trial run into overtime.



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