Word For/Word: #3
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Jordan Stempleman



The Seats of Gan Hamelech

Cabin or for rest
charter epic
finished her lox
olives, both in flight.
First ride
cannot be doubted
may best be seen
if two distances
are placed
side by side
inserted, not disclosed
with all bodies
served illustration
along the beach. City
needing inches
stopping in itself
one active
shift, a squeeze
behaved. First time
during promised things.

Told in what is fragment
where British
operated bridges
over the openness
of soup, diversion, mifgash
passage of doing so
their ranks clean
into one drop. Mementoes
caked with hope
do open polite

Repainted jeeps
left in slump
along roads, strayed
between lemon trees.

This is country
entire within outposts

stage along
the big lake

contributions and ranks
facing temple.

Group photographed
as history given upon rests
records base
others praise

taken from otherwise
unveiled place, assembly
remains exercise
apart from frame.

Refreshed slipped lose
of the next. Wants rest
only in longer
meetings with eyes.

Bowlie bowlie
Iman Ali, who sees
the young girl
held up in tears
no more milk
sweeping child, her
mother's solution
of cradlesong sank
deep soil, so shall
spit unnatural.
He acted, flogging
the pastures, ground
in return he found
so would spit.
Ali awoken
from death
each morning, up
with sandy chin
risen from earth's
forever scold.

Road gone by
turn bus hung perfect
changed state.

Been no real dialogue
outside the turn,
all are interruptions
ruins of our rules.

Snares left cold
trying withheld look
from out this window
determinate two lane
go by former dynasty
not quite unsealed
remains to be learned
altogether where
the stone goes.
Exception of symbol
in pieces
dried up a way.

sea complete stages
reference as my friend,

"such mixture
was not deemed a stain."
a fan of marked impression
check foreskins
at the door.

The drip before saying good ride
five parts champagne
the little girls
go down with tint

too much she cries
her a sick one
cripples a little in love.

Forms unsigned
canoe has paint flecks
come from information
water too laughing fits
from the rocks, chance angles

and I say no waste
this comes
before knew, delimit
from which singly
connective waives
in bulk, squads
loaf knowing
the turbot will float on-
dove's liturgical festival
what caves in, maybe not
the period.

To the plaza, trying the barrier
keeping the group
to push their way
but to push our way
so we can stick together-
            2 LA residents
            find a large quiet area
            you restore out
            songful breaking
            he's this to consider
            kicked in shins, South African saves
            the barrel chest for Zionist peat
            running into chicken coops
            pet names call out flavor
            ponder if doing
            that age intervened

Skip to my Kotel, where

women should, when

women have sung,

or now is this what

we're standing next to?

Cats in Quarter
moss not
right step, exception
of symbol
front soldier's proof-
they took his picture
before he'd cleaned up,
down grit
drinking green bottle.
Milling around, soldiers vary
above a charmed glacial path:
              Security's secular reach
              built on eggs tossed capable
              richly sauced fish, hiding
              in towering baths.
                         --Third temple
                         must've been all
                         the way up
                         to that bike rack

              In order to cure
              words relax,
              however the discipline.
              Fashion ending after checkout.
              Chickpeas lead to tolerance
              in gas stove, grandmother's mother
              she's into one hunched over
              the union of heat produced
              one brought out by the other.
              Trundle of her joints, less hand
              out from the other, constant dough
              evidence avoiding objects, attention
              precise back there
              eyelids bellied, as on
              will be, he's my leaning
              into the windy remove.

            What is clear
and the guide told the story
            cleaned out
walk to an overlook
            map may fly
not yet open, telling of invite
            match-up this scarf
to railings set on edge.

            Planter, your trees
blowing away from this spot
            spared from who plants
ruins that simply tunnel, replaced
            is sight to see-
can this ever touch
            the strains
where vacant stood? Speak
            against falling gain.
Cramming rise
            into the stretch of one lure
demanding another.

            festival buys
            half the land
            this be once
            made still,
            moving to finish
            you century
            with taciturn recap
            and bulk
            imitating assonance

--but they'll remember
          wild flowers
          visits after bombings
          Abu Ghosh where all take invitation
          outstanding and burning
          a lump is mine
          from conflict's present spent
          lights: participants to adjust
          when found turn over
          those cameras frosted at home
          gone from hunger,
          an offensive thing to have.

forgotten the middle
that's what's
said, much to say
late, wearing oncoming
for the casual
imposing appearance, instant
slowly enlarges, chalk
has such
the thin neck
on paper ourselves
construction pause
my cold toes, out
behind the times
cut write-off
into drawn bruise
a volley of what letter
to accept, you can't sit
did it instead
thinking turns
in unskinned acts
there isn't much
up there, flatten out
the document
his name is Wolf
that's enough blur
for her sons
on the scale
where wisdom stirs,
set to alter.





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