Darren Demaree
A Damaged Thinker #82
I would like my fear
to be notarized,
so the court can have

that question declared
dead. I was never
inclined to smile,

nor swivel my intentions,
but this borrowed time
is too light to hold

& the weight appears
to be the same as the first
flame that found me.
A Damaged Thinker #83
You wouldn’t think
much about crippling
a pearl. I do. I do.
A Damaged Thinker #84
My view is a cave.
I am a bear in the cave.
When I get out of here,

I am going to consume
the whole of the world
& perform tricks
with the intention-less
bombers. I will never
swallow fire, I have

other plans for fire. When
I get out of here, there
will be no more thought.