Jeff Harrison
Golden Rue
I gargantuan, they in the skies
yet lower they to the ground
with gold the moonless were golden --
me: blooded for thee a sight to enjoy,
thee, Virginia, moonless thee

if ape thinks of a palace, behold,--
at the very-most least an aviary
for letters' newborn steeds!

I, more, I inched all drenched
blooded for thee a sight to enjoy
but glumly she bird then just die
Sigmund Freud

Freud, Sigmund Freud, do corkscrew mine borrowers

drift, you colossus, you collectible -- your lessons I handhold

aspirators would congruent you -- lamentations had been lends

& your brashy mouth! hourglass has dwellers! lacerated fantasy!

their central skew had been your chasteness -- yours!

much repaid was your eavesdropping! now you know

even the quizmakers have dressmakers, formalism's attendees

antiquated & insinuated falsehood was oscillated

Triceratops: their discreteness be blankness, T-Rex them craze

they eat plants & scorn coins -- there is no dirtier infamy, Freud,

but any reptile is subject to refinement, you hear? oh, oh, they

are your counterpart's anvil, mightily sainthooded