Janis Butler Holm
Sound Poems
(from Rabelasian Play Station)
The Presidential piston ring transfigures cloven laudanum.

The Presidential cottonmouth exposes hirsute whirlygigs.

The Presidential fl├╝gelhorn discomfits leather godliness.

The Presidential riding whip subpoenas buckram epitaphs.

The Presidential tuckahoe looks down on seismic barnacles.

The Presidential bacon fat complains of wooded pilferage.

The Presidential helium makes do with zingy cuttlebones.

The Presidential showerhead remodels talking cherryade.

Creeping eruption at ultrahigh frequencies presages mirth. Bare-handed locker rooms gasify elder tricks; protean taxables paint the town red. All things considered, does petty cash bombinate? Judging from aquifers, who has fouled out? Skittish ejection seats jeopardize bladderball, sweetly apprenticing low-lying shrubs.

The Presidential underpass is picketing your dancing shoes.

The Presidential circus troupe is rallying your octothorpe.

The Presidential parapet is mortgaging your beanbag chair.

The Presidential weathercock is curdling your take-home pay.

The Presidential chloroform is welcoming your lightning rod.

The Presidential teeterboard is honoring your puddle duck.

The Presidential firing range is narrowing your superscript.

The Presidential dramaturge is summoning your goldenbush

Daughterly bivouacs nourish rhinoscopy, flattering toads. Counterintelligence wrestles with waffle mix; uniform density liquidates fluff. Now that alternatives cuddle the great again, whom shall we torture with aureate math? By means of engrossment and color-wheel gum boots, flowering nutmeg abhors politesse.

The Presidential endocarp surmounts a raucous likelihood.

The Presidential minus sign procures a gelded watersport.

The Presidential currycomb relieves a barking noodle dish.

The Presidential kettledrum outranks a churlish overshoe.

The Presidential holding cell disowns a fulsome interphase.

The Presidential fingerprick employs a cosmic duffle bag.

The Presidential jolly boat unveils a squiggly hammerlock.

The Presidential vacuum tube assists an orange free-for-all.