Rebecca Farivar
from Movies I Never Wrote

A young woman lives in Houston, TX, where she grew up and went to college. She’s in a dead-end job and depressed with life. She’s worked at her job for five years, but her boss won’t give her a promotion because she doesn’t have an MBA. She doesn’t necessarily want a promotion, or to even work there, but because she doesn’t have anything better to do, she enrolls in an online MBA program. In the online program, she has to take her tests with a live, remote proctor from a proctor center in India. In India, there is a young man who comes from a well-off family, but he wants to prove he can support himself, so he works at the proctor center. The young man is the woman’s proctor one evening. They have an instant connection. Individually, they try to find each other. There’s a montage of all the kooky proctors the woman meets while she searches for the one she is looking for. The man breaks proctor-center protocol and looks up her address in the system. He sends her a letter and in it includes all the ways to contact him. She receives the letter and contacts him. They connect. The woman, having never left Houston, knows nothing of Indian culture and tries to learn about it, but her attempts are shallow (e.g takes a yoga class, reads Eat, Pray, Love, etc.). When her family finds out about the man, they convince her he must be using her to get a Green Card some day. She confronts him about this and it deeply offends him. He says he never wants to talk with her again. The day after this conversation, she’s laid off from work and gets a nice severance package. She feels freed and lost and figures, why not go to India? She buys a ticket to India but she goes to the wrong part of India from where he lives. At first, she sees that she’s failed, again, and decides to just go back home, but she immediately loses her passport. This means she can’t leave for weeks until it’s replaced. Instead of leaving, she decides to cross the country by land to find the man in his town. She finally gets there and he is amazed to see her. They spend time together. She learns about his family and culture. She sees her mistakes. She stays in India. It’s a comedy. Imagine Lena Dunham as the woman.