Special Feature: Beyond the Wall - A Visual Writing Exhibit
Clarification of Visual Writing’s Connection with “Climate Change”

Language (language art) furnishes not the structure of buildings and bridges but of movement and communication. It symbolizes such things as society, information, understanding, interaction, productivity. It also refers to “successional development,” that is, societies continually advancing as more complicated and encompassing entities—characterized now as inclusive “ecologies” rather than volatile “economies.” Language is a source of diversity, multiplicity, creativity. It has a lot to do with what Umberto Eco and Luc Fierens describe as the “open project”—a democracy project—basically the evolution of society away from bias, corruption, imbalance, neglect, fear, dishonesty, pollution, conflict—all of the forces of limitation, self-destruction and stagnation—and toward innovation, justice, truth, self-fulfillment, activity and permanence. The study of the inter-workings and prosperity of societies and nation-states is no longer simply a matter of economic factors but of scientific, geographic, ethical, anthropological, philosophical, sociological, medical and political factors also. This makes language art (“visual writing”), the insightful artistic depiction of the originary interworkings of societies and cultures in their broadest planetary setting more than associated with “Climate Change”; this is fundamentally the definition of “Climate Change”—“Climate,” referencing new global perspectives, systems and “proportionality”—and “Change,” the advancement toward higher levels of perception found in ambivalence, movement, flux, dimensionality, non-linearity, spirituality.

Other Well-Known Visual Artists

Matthew T. Stolte, mIEKAL aND, Jake Berry, Nico Vasillakis, Maria Damon, Adriana Kobor, Marton Koppany, Crag Hill, Michael Basinski, Sheila E. Murphy, Lanny Quarles, Marco Giovenale, Richard Kostelanetz, Serse Luigetti, Kenneth Patchen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Guy Beining, Derek Beaulieu, Derek White, Wendy Colin Sorin, endwar, Geof Huth, Joel Lipman, Clemente Padin, Catherine Bennett, Bob Grumman, Scott Helmes, Ross Priddle, Carol Stetser, Michael Peters, Marc Snyder, Vernon Frazer, Brian Strang, Dan Waber, Gustav Morin, Alan Halsey, Carlyle Baker, Karl Kempton, Karl Young, Paul Siegell, derek beaulieu, Carlos Luis, David Felix, Paul Siegel, Nico Vassilakis, Jim Andrews, Amy Kohut, Ted Warnell, Mark Youngl, Irving Weiss, Christian ALLE, Alan Halsey, Joseph Kepler, Petra Backonja, Diana Magallón, Rebecca Eddy, Edward Kulemin, Michael Rothenberg, bruno neiva, Dianne Kornberg, Dee Sunshine, Guy-Vincent, Andrew Brenza, Marco Giovale, Mike Sikkema,et. al.