Special Feature: Beyond the Wall - A Visual Writing Exhibit
“On The Road”

Reed Altemus is a long-time intermedia artist interested in stamp and mail art, zines, visual writing, networking and copy art. He has had work published in many publications from the heyday of Xerox art and small press, including PhotoStatic, Rampike (Canada), Offerta Speciale (Italy), Otoliths (Australia), Lost & Found Times, SCORE, Moria and Generator. The artwork above, an early, excellent and exemplary piece of visual writing, portrays a spontaneous trail of narrative and script, apparently from a paradoxical double tradition—or two separate traditions—of black and white, upon a cherry red landscape. It suggests the writings of Jack Kerouac or John Steinbeck, an untamed realism both reflecting and reflected in the inexhaustible indigenous landscape of “the journey.”