Broken Dozer, Haunted Vale

Rigorous unrelenting relents, dozer relents.

Perpetual veil. An omen hangs by his fingertips

singular above a pulsating abyss. The omen,

a boy, would fly forty stories down like an egg

cell like a biome of football players bussed home.

Like a pale bridge, the verboten ambiance of them.

Language surprises where it transmits least.

Time cradles a pendulum prissily about rest.

One among many tools—which treats of groins,

synesthetic coordinates, self-aware used sex toys.

One way to be human is to be hunted away from wet

places. Trauma is the babe neck thin lilting all-flesh

ripped from flesh—the same moaning announces

being toward being else. Appraisal: naive land of nests.

Sowing weeds in abandoned brownfield daylight

(Lake bed, meadow, pit, car lot, construction site,

desert) a station in the gray where attention betrays. List,

what all this noise makes us do & now want mine give

to nature nature’s spirits. Give her fear and gender,

give her automation and revenge. Recognize intent,

design theory to balance the primordial budget to

resign a habit of my own objectification finally able.