Narcissus in Wilderness

In the ego mirror where the human

appears colossus from every angle,

the background reflects with honesty:

No conscience for what props

when the exaggeration trooper

living in a glasshouse stomps the wild.

The blown up twin dances

in a greenhouse where rocks

enter via a door and not a window.

Manners carry for the monstrous,

unsoiled, and innocent hands.

Meanwhile developers crowd out

for living room furniture

and bedroom sets, as the rooted uproots

and routed paws squeeze and blur

against photo frames.

Self-regarded into a god but lost

among mountains, oceans, and stars

the misrepresented hedonist

in circus tent shirt and two sacks for pants

discovers among the dying.

Echo Answer

When magic drains from ritual,

the past disappears, so for loyalist

time repeats in habit.

Props and utensils lay about,

never touched again.

Performing CPR on a moment

long in the calendar trash pile,

the secret nostalgia coaxer

dances with blowup youth

in an inflated earlier environment.

Memory energizes for the senses

to bring the furniture to life.

The gone in the now

limps into tomorrow,

available for litany in a day,

parody in a week.

The novel threatens

until the sentimental liver

encroaches on OCD territory

that triggers the repeater

holstered in the brainstem.

A funeral procession concession

loosens up behavior dug

into favorite words and deeds

to provide a coffin lid

where stars once took on wishes.

The sun and moon

sweep away the check marks

and the possibilities

littered by a Homo sapiens.


The thin-skinned evolved monkey

defines where Sirius sniffs

the dog-eared chew-toy stuck in an o-zone.

Stereo speakers repulse

should blunt instruments blow back hair.

A wrinkled forehead torches eyes

that saw no evil in a match up.

Early during the nerve-ending exposure

when calluses harnessed desire

for everything outside personal human flesh,

bulldozers and steamrollers ruled:

Peace on Earth as in the heavens.

Now, the lusty victim in a tux

on a special occasion balances

for mother and snow-capped mountains:

The giant slalom with two poles.

Late again to understand

how pulsating radio waves

and cosmic rays that crest and crash

across the universe, the ignoramus

believes in supernovas

when dark matter bloodies noses.

Neuron stars collapse into black holes

that suck at galaxy nipples on the Milky Way,

cosmic light deluges with remnant

radiation any banana lover in a tin can

romancing adventure as though

Orion tracked tender-footed lexicon loonies.