invisible action figure
sink blood

little lion
lake face

sneezy Xerxes’
graph paper

good gold
or golden good

in the “now” world
polishing the furniture of the mind

remember the pendulum
karloff bread

the title of the picture is gulk

favorite fang monster

runny backworms protected the scrubbly union of tropes

what more is this than that?

indeed this one has thirty-three thousand teeth in its first mouth, alone

we were renting the small moon for archery and other outdoor sports

the sun is ahead of the rabbit in the race

and I am the nile river in egg-ypt

red ghost has a dream of earth

trash door oh you were a flat yog

this impossible crayon art

there is a pyramid on top of the moon

starring smart spock wearing a cowboy hat

red in the middle for green kids, too

the gang with uyrensuks now wexy

because we ship to flanders

my fine grocery aptitude

now earthlings will be wet in my water

call a cop a carp

liz one saturn melted pot pock like

opening the door to earth and a thousand other worlds

so pay attention to felino and laugh at the stars

the wolfman in the corner is staring at you

silver owl was a worried wart

earth has a beard

little muffin frogs

grape juice in 6 oz cans

oh we knew him when he was a puck

the shot-putter named for a mountain, so what?

open your eyes here and we’ll scare you

a purple sky, too

skitter me tingers little orb